keenness was born in 2010 from the desire to have a space, a showcase, easily accessible to the general public in any country of the world.
keenness is binder of projects, ideas, concepts, exercises, studies such logos, coordinated image, informative materials, advertising campaigns, promotional and design objects, etc. But it is also a binder of works carried out over the years in a independent way or through some collaborations with graphic, advertising and communication agencies and architecture studios.
Over time it has become a logo with which to sign works, ideas and products.
keenness is a brand and a constantly evolving project.

Kevin Coppola 
art director / graphic designer
Born in Palermo (Italy), in 1981 and grown up in a creative family background, from an early age I was interested in drawing and its applications. After attending primary schools and reached the legal age, I started a direct approach to my passions.
Then, I moved to Emilia Romagna and I travelled through different regions of Italy, starting up my training through professional studies courses in design and communication, specialization courses in graphic and lithography, software and 3D modeling for architecture and interior design courses and drawing classes with airbrush technique.
Thanks to various jobs opportunities and to formative stages in Italy (Emilia Romagna and Abruzzo) and abroad (Toulouse, France) I developed new skills and I deepened and reinforced interests in graphics applied and design of products.
In many years as a freelancer, during which I have also cooperated with graphic, communication, advertising and architecture studios I specialized in graphics and business communication for enterprises, following the customer in the whole process of visual image. From the logos, coordinate image, web site, informational materials, etc. till the creation of promotional objects and campaigns.
Today I live in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) always looking for new incentives and new experiences.
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